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I regret to inform everyone I will no longer be making The Rightsight. I would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage and support. I still have a few sights and parts and will sell them until they are gone. I am in the process of selling my machines and will be moving to the farm. I am going to focus my efforts on the Silver Mountain Targets and I hope to see you all on the range. Thank you, Wayne Forshee

The Rightsight
Sold Out

The Rightsight, a 30mm front sight, was developed for high power rifle competition to have simply the best possible sight picture allowed by iron sight rules.

The Rightsight complete package comes with an adjustable iris made by Gehmann. They are available in 3 sizes, 2.9mm – 4.9mm, 4.0mm – 6.0mm and 5.0mm-7.5mm.

The Rightsight also includes a 30mm, .5 Crizal Alize anti-reflective lenses, the most reliable and technologically advanced protection against visual distractions caused by unwanted light reflections, scratches and smudges. These lenses have been ground on optical center to fit the sight barrel. The lens is indexed so when you take the lens out for cleaning it should have no effect on your zeros.

The Rightsight base has been designed to allow you to have the sight as low as possible for conventional rifles. This keeps your cheek-piece and position about the same as other sighting systems. The base is adjustable in approximate 5 to 6 minute steps depending on your sight radius (one notch equals two revolutions on a Warner rear sight). It also has index marks so you can tell where you are at any time. There should be enough adjustment so you can get the best head position on your gun and keep it there by making the big adjustments from yard line to yard line with the front sight and fine tune with the rear. There are three stem lengths. The standard stem (short) is most common for conventional rifles, the tall stem is most common for Space guns and the T2K. A medium stem is available for some smallbore applications and low mounted rear sights on space guns.

The advantages of the Rightsight are:

  • Quality of the .5 lenses, it is far better anything available in 22 or 18 mm
  • Light collection, you see things better
  • Fixed level inside the tube along with your number board while you’re on target.
  • The Gehmann adjustable iris is the same as the 520 in a larger frame.
  • The elevator system has .050″ notches so there is not too much movement on the rear sight and cheek-piece.











30mm Gehmann Adjustable Iris $185

Available in three sizes:

  • 5.0mm-7.5mm

The best tool for taking the iris off or tightening is soft jaw pliers available here.

Gehmann Warranty Information

522-30 Gehmann Iris $190

Iris foresight, threaded 1 ¼” x 28, appears as a perspex element

“The Floating Doughnut”

  • 5.0mm-7.5mm



Sold Out
The tall base is for use on a Tubb style gun or space gun when you have a standard height Rightsight. This way you can use the same sight on both conventional and space guns.

Fullbore Base $60
This base is for shooting Fullbore with a 308 Win, using a 155 grain bullet. It has yard-line marks from 300 to 1000 yards. If you sight in your gun at 300 yards and move the sight to 800 yards you will hit the black without moving your rear sight. You will still need to fine tune with your rear and keep zeros but you will be on paper.

Jumbo Base $75
A larger version of the standard clamp style base. This base is custom cut to accommodate your barrel or bloop-tube from .875 to 1.050 Call with your requirements and I’ll make a base to match if I don’t have your size in stock. This base can be substituted for the standard base in a sight package for $15 extra.

Dovetail Base Sold Out
New design will fit standard dovetail or 11mm Anschutz rail. Recommended for smallbore only.

Rain Shade (front) $45
Protects the Rightsight lens from rain drops. The rain shade contains transparent disks with openings concentric with the aperture. You might get a rain drop on one of the transparent disks but you shouldn’t get a rain drop on the aperture area of the lens. Your view through the aperture and the center of the lens remains unobstructed.

Lens Retainer Cap $20

Sun Shade (front) $20

Sun Shade (rear) $20

For use with the Gehmann iris.

Lens $65
+0.25, +0.50, or +0.625.